MR. Giger and Robert Christoph, Baphomet 2018 Edition 34/169 copies

MR. Giger and Robert Christoph, Baphomet 2018 Edition 34/169 copies


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"In the 1970s and 1980s, I gained international recognition for my unique belt buckle designs. During this time, renowned artist HR Giger visited me in my studio, and so began a remarkable collaboration. Together we created the "Buckle Baphomet 1976" belt buckle. HR Giger attached great importance to the fact that the buckle could also be worn as a piece of jewelry and emphasized the need to implement it in a smaller form.

The special nature of this collaboration is also reflected in the fact that I was the only one who had permission to make a copy of this work of art, as is also noted on the back of the belt buckle from 1976: "Creation by HR Giger and Robert Christoph". This unique collaboration and the combination of HR Giger's fascinating aesthetics with my craftsmanship make this piece of jewelry a true masterpiece.

If you are interested, I could also help you create a brief profile about you and your work to properly highlight your legacy and creative achievements. Let me know if you're interested!"

We help jewelry collectors unite their love of art and jewelry with our high-quality, unique pieces of jewelry in silver and gold, created in collaboration with the famous artist HR Giger.

Design: HR Giger & R. Christoph
Execution: R. Christoph
Edition: 169 copies
Metal: 925 silver
Weight: 47.7g
Diameter: 54mm
Finishing: Gold and Rhodium

"A unique, handmade piece of jewelry by H.R. Giger and Robert Christoph: The Baphomet1976 buckle was cast by hand in a complex process.
Robert Christoph's latest jewelry creation combines Giger's fascinating aesthetics with excellent craftsmanship. Tip: Combine it with a belt from Robert Christoph for a casual boho look."

In the 70s I came up with the idea of creating art on the body. I didn't think about fashion at first, until my art became fashion. It is a work in which I can live with the characters from my dreams. Some of these characters are portrayed, others remain untouched within me. But what does it matter? The line between idea and reality is very fluid.

His fantastic art fascinated me and by a happy coincidence I got to know him: HR Giger, the genius of the surrealists, inventor of biomechanical art and the film monster Alien. He was a dear friend and a good teacher.

The bat and the BAPHOMET are also in his constellation.