Buckles and jewelery, are hand cast, cast in lost-wax casting and hand-crafted,

My name is Robert Christoph, I am a mechanical engineer, inventor, designer and artist.
I also work with my friend of Swiss artists HR. Giger (Alien) and I immersed myself in his visionary BIOMECHANICAL world. Which is also reflected in my work. For example the Space Jockey the small Baphomet the Biomechanoid Ballpoint Pen.

Robert Christoph: I am a machine technician, inventor, iron sculptor, designer, artist, meditation and Qigong, practitioner and bon vivant.

Mein Name ist Robert Christoph, ich bin Maschinentechniker Erfinder Designer und Künstler.
Ich arbeitet auch mit meinem Freund der Schweizer Künstler HR. Giger (Alien) zusammen und tauchte ich in seine visionäre BIOMECHANISCHE Welt ein. Was sich auch in meinen Arbeiten widerspiegelt. Zum Beispiel der Space Jockey der kleine Baphomet der Biomechanoide Kugelschreiber.

Through the magazines such as Vogue, art and fashion exhibitions, the Swiss artist Robert Christoph became world famous. He has collaborated with HR Giger and stars like Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones are among the collectors of his extravagant belts, models and actors have been photographed with his belts

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