The Little Baphomet

The Little Baphomet

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My name is Robert Christoph, I am a designer and artist.
I also work with the Swiss artist HR. Giger (Alien) and I immersed myself in his visionary BIOMECHANIC world. This is also reflected in my work. For example the Space Jockey and the small Baphomet.

The Little Baphomet Brass from the noble foundry 27x 34.92x 9.05 mm 1.06x 1.37x 0.36 inch

The Little Baphomet Brass from the noble foundry Necklaces with pendant with templar symbol, Robert Christoph, Baphomet, jewelry design. Halschmuck is hand-cast, cast in lost-wax casting and made by hand when you place your order. Please give us more time while we manufacture these Baphomet, Pendant Necklaces, Jewelry Design for you. Our detailed expressive, Giger magic jewelry design, necklaces with Baphomet pendants. Worked with the highest technical precision