Baphomet 2014 Edition 10 copies only 10/ 10 available.

Baphomet 2014 Edition 10 copies only 10/ 10 available.


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Baphomet 2014 Edition 10 only available 10/10.
Only 01/10 and 10/10 will still be cast in silver. good worth investment
silver 925, consecutively numbered and signed:

Baphomet 2014
Design: HR Giger
Ausführung: R. Christoph
Edition: 10 Exemplar
Metall: 925 Silber
Gewicht: 72.7 g
Durchmesser: 54mm
Veredelung: Gold und Rhodium

Hansruedi, short HR, Giger was born on February 5, 1940 in Chur. From 1962 he studied architecture and industrial design at the University of Applied Arts in Zurich. The Swiss artist became known worldwide with his "Alien" designs for the eponymous film by Ridley Scott. In 1980 he got the Oscar for visual effects.

In the film sector, he succeeded in addition to the "alien" trilogy about also with his character to "species". Record covers by Giger have been awarded several times, including those for Debbie Harry ("Koo Koo") and Emerson, Lake and Palmer ("Brain Salad Surgery").
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