Atheist Pendant 3 Necklace Silver 925 *Scientific Atheism

Atheist Pendant 3 Necklace Silver 925 *Scientific Atheism

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We have the perfect sterling silver gift for you! Our "Scientific Atheist" is the most successful of Robert Christoph's jewelry collection. Each piece is handmade and unique.
This gift is not only a symbol of atheism, but also a symbol of science. It is unique and something you will wear again and again.
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Are you proud of your atheism?

If so, then you are not alone! Atheists are people who go through the world with their heads and make their own decisions. They are self-confident and believe in themselves and in humanity. With Jewelry Atheist you can express your pride and express your faith in yourself and in humanity.

Jewelry Atheist is the perfect way to express your pride. With our necklaces and rings in silver you can express your personality. Each necklace is provided with a large atheist symbol, so you can easily show your pride.

The jewelry is made of high quality silver and comes with a beautiful jewelry box. You can also buy the jewelry as a gift for a friend, boyfriend, mother or sister.

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