Atheist, Ring Silver 925 Extraordinary Ring

Atheist, Ring Silver 925 Extraordinary Ring

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Atheist Extraordinary Ring Sterling Silver 925
This hip atheist ring is the perfect gift for anyone who sees atheism as a symbol of science and reason. The atomic emblem is the perfect symbol for atheists, as it represents the fact that all matter is composed of atoms. This ring is an absolute must for all those who want to proudly show off their belonging to atheism.

Every atheist ring is handmade by me.
The scientific jewelry I make with love and dedication is a beautiful dear gift.

Are you proud of your atheism?

If so, then you are not alone! Atheists are people who go through the world with their heads and make their own decisions. They are self-confident and believe in themselves and in humanity. With Jewelry Atheist you can express your pride and express your faith in yourself and in humanity.

Jewelry Atheist is the perfect way to express your pride. With our necklaces and rings in silver you can express your personality. Each necklace is provided with a large atheist symbol, so you can easily show your pride.

The jewelry is made of high quality silver and comes with a beautiful jewelry box. You can also buy the jewelry as a gift for a friend, boyfriend, mother or sister.

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In a precious metal foundry that also produces Swiss watch cases. It is an exclusive and unique design.
At the request of a collector of my products, he wanted a ring with his 925 atheist necklace.
I thought the idea was very good, I made hand drawings, then a wax model, which I then sent to the gold-silver foundry.

* Ring Size: 9.5 US
* Weight: about 18.5 grams

When ordering, please specify ring size.
After I have made the size, it goes about 3 days, then I send the wax model of the precious metal foundry. Another 3 to 4 days then I get the blanks in silver, gold or bronze. The jewelry is then cut, forged and polished by me.

I ship worldwide.

All shipments are registered airmail with tracking number.

Delivery time to America about 10 - 28 days
Delivery time to Europe approx. 10 days

Atheism Jewelry,Scientific Atheist, Star Dust, Silver 925 Part Gold Plated 999

"Religion is based on authority, science on observation and reason." Stephen Hawking, physicist, astrophysicist

As a rule, atheism is closely linked to the concept of materialism. Therefore, for a fairly long time symbol of atheism is considered the emblem of the atom. This is due to the fact that in nature all matter is composed of atoms, and therefore there is such a peculiar symbol of atheism. This is not surprising, since it is identical to the concept of materialism.