Silver dagger necklace, jewelry lovers beware!

Silver dagger necklace, jewelry lovers beware!


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The extraordinary knife jewelry pendant for him and her
This unique dagger pendant is more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is inspired by the mysticism and magic of the Himalayan region and is intended to drive away evil spirits and protect them from bad energies.

Whether you wear it as a lucky charm or protective amulet, this dagger pendant is sure to attract attention. It is made of high-quality silver 925 and can be ordered in glossy, patina or partially gold-plated finish.

* Gift for him and her,
* Size 64/35/14 mm
* Weight 31 grams

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Medieval Dagger Jewelry

Version as desired Silver 925 gloss, silver 925 patinated or silver 925 part gold plated

The Magic Dagger
also ghost nail called to 'nail evil spirits' to the ground It is also supposed to protect against bad energies.
Amulet against negative energies.
the Phurba dagger of the Himalayan region inspired me.