Butterfly Lady 2,Necklace,Silver 925,Butterfly Jewelry,gold Butterfly,Robert Christoph

Butterfly Lady 2,Necklace,Silver 925,Butterfly Jewelry,gold Butterfly,Robert Christoph

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Are you looking for a gift for a special woman in your life?

If so, then this Lady Butterfly with Schmetterlig wings is the perfect jewelry for her! Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted in wax and then cast in sterling silver or gold. Then the finish is provided with grinding, grafting and polishing. The butterfly wing and the lady butterfly will become a unique pendant that will delight you!

Give her the gift of beauty with this unique piece of jewelry that she can always carry with her. She will love how she feels with this pendant - like a real Lady Butterfly!

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gifts for your best friend,
Edition 200 copies numbered consecutively and signed by Robert Christoph
34 grams, silver 925, on request I can also cast in 18k gold.
It would be my dream to cast the butterfly in pure gold.

Butterfly and caterpillar
A beautiful butterfly fluttered around a fragrant flower. Then he noticed an ugly caterpillar crawling away in the dust. Contemptuously, the butterfly called out to her: "How dare you be seen near me? Away with you! See, I am beautiful and radiant like the sun, and my wings carry me high into the air as you crawl around the earth. Away! We have nothing to do with each other!«
"Your pride, you colorful butterfly, is bad for you," the caterpillar replied calmly. "All your splendour of colour does not give you the right to despise me. We are and remain relatives; so you insult yourself. Haven't you been a caterpillar before? And won't your children be caterpillars like you and me?"

After 40 years again a butterfly, this time not as a belt buckle, but as a
About 40 years ago Lady Butterly can be seen in the pictures.
Silver, butterfly, was made by me about 1976 musician artists and movie stars still wear them today.