Lady Butterfly 1 with butterfly wings, large butterfly pendant, 925 sterling silver necklace,

Lady Butterfly 1 with butterfly wings, large butterfly pendant, 925 sterling silver necklace,


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Are you looking for a gift for that special woman in your life?

If yes, then this Lady Butterfly with butterfly wings is the perfect jewelry for her! Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted in wax and then cast in sterling silver or gold. Then the finish is finished with sanding, grazing and polishing. The butterfly wing highlights the natural beauty of women and is a symbol of freedom and femininity.

Lady Butterfly with Butterfly Wings is the perfect jewelry for that special woman you know. Each piece of jewelry is made with love and care and is unique. The butterfly wing is a symbol of freedom and femininity and emphasizes the natural beauty of women.

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* Sterling silver 929
* 24k gold plating
* 18 grams of silver
* 40mm/39mm/12mm

Farfalla Sexy-Sexy, Butterfly-Papillon, Lady Butterfly
The butterfly as a symbol of the immortal soul and spiritual transformation, symbolizing the ability to create our destiny.
Can be found in Greek and Roman mythology and was also immortalized in Egyptian tomb paintings. And in Christianity the butterfly can also be found as a chrysalis and moth on numerous gravestones, where it represents the resurrection.
The butterfly - metamorphosis, transformation, spiritual growth, freedom, courage.

The butterfly announces transformation and spiritual growth, it symbolizes freedom and courage, because you have to be courageous to accept changes and embark on the path of transformation. The butterfly accompanies us on this path as a power animal: “Be yourself, be brave, be strong and let everything happen with ease. You don't have to pretend to be just to please others - the right people will recognize your true worth and beauty and they will be good and loyal friends to you."

My heart says yes to this beautiful butterfly. There is nothing better than giving the gift of jewelry that has been handcrafted with great love by a world-renowned artist and designer.

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