ancient torso further developed and designed in a more modern way.

ancient torso further developed and designed in a more modern way.


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Swiss showcase dolls and jewelry from
nineties: aspiring to be slim.

Now this silver jewelry is back in vogue

Helvetia's graces in the showcases have been thoroughly overhauled.
The man from Zurich created the type of doll in the nineties
Commissioned jewelry and sculpture artist Robert Christoph
of the Schläppi company in Wollerau, the only Swiss company
that produces mannequins. Robert Christoph
has further developed the classic, antique torso and
modern designed.

The Swiss mannequin of the nineties -
they are replaced on average every five years - missing
Head and mostly also the arms. She really owns one for that
attractive body - made of polyester, reinforced with fiberglass.
The fact that it is usually equipped with only one leg does
their elegance does not diminish either. With her after
the lower abdomen, tapering, reminds you of the abstract
Sculpture of a mermaid. Semi-seated and seated
Polyester beauties, those with arms or with spherical ones
Shoulder ends and a male mannequin are part of the
current range. A total of ten different basic types
Robert Christoph designed another doll
is still developing. She should be by the end of the year
complete the parade in Wollerau. The mute ones
Beauties - according to the company, it is
by a few hundred pieces - are now pulling their show in
Showcases and department stores around the globe: at
Alma-Couture as well as at Fendi in Munich, at Innova-
tion in Lausanne or at Jelmoli in Zurich.
Robert Christophs
Likeness of the dolls as silver jewelry