Memory of HR Giger 1976

Memory of HR Giger 1976


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All you need is Ugly.
I met HR Giger in Ugly Richterswil and days later he visited me in my studio and we did some stuff together. That was 1976
Memory of HR Giger 1976 is made of bronze without chain.

If a human figure is drawn in the pentagram, the head at the top stands for the spirit that rules over the elements and strives to create harmony. The pentagram, which is often used as a protective symbol, is assigned to the Segirah "Gewurah".
Gewurah, the fifth Sefirah in the tree of life, means power, strength or power and is an active, limiting principle and among other things has the function of protection and justice and symbolizes magical power. The symbol of the pentagram is also used in connection with the Qabbalistic, name (Jeheschuah). This is also called the pentagrammaton.
It comes from the ancient Hebrew name of God (YHWH), the so-called Tetragrammaton, and was expanded to include the (Shin). Each letter is assigned to a tip of the pentgram. The shin stands for the symbol of the spirit element.