Pentagram Lilith, Tribute to HR Giger, Limited Edition Handmade bronze high gloss, size 54/8/41 mm

Pentagram Lilith, Tribute to HR Giger, Limited Edition Handmade bronze high gloss, size 54/8/41 mm


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Pentagram Lilith, Tribute to HR Giger, Limited Edition Handmade bronze

If a human figure is drawn in the pentagram, the head at the top stands for the spirit that rules over the elements and strives to create harmony. The pentagram, often used as a symbol of protection, is attributed to the Segirah "Gewurah".
Gewurah, the fifth Sefirah in the Tree of Life, means power, strength or power and is an active, limiting principle and has, among other things, the function of protection and justice and symbolizes magical power. The symbol of the pentagram is also used in connection with the Qabbalistic name (Jeheschuah). This is also called the pentagrammaton.
It derives from the ancient Hebrew name of God (YHWH), the so-called Tetragrammaton, and was extended by the (Shin). Each letter is assigned to a tip of the pentgram. The Shin stands for the symbol of the spirit element.

Pentagram comes from Greek and can be translated as "five lines". It is composed of pente "five" and gramma "lines".
Other names of the five-pointed star are Pentalpha, Fünfstern, Drudenfuss or Alfenfuss, Pentacle and Pythagorean sign.
The term pentagel is used when the pentagram is enclosed by a circle, for example, as a symbol for amulets or as a magical tool of the earth element.
In ancient Greece, the pentagram was called pentalpha, the symbol can be divided into five alphas (A).

Pentagram - the true meaning of magical symbols and symbols in the occult.
The pentgram is one of the oldest signs of mankind.
An early use is already verifiable in Mesopotamia around 300 BC and noted as cuneiform "UB".
At that time, the pentagram probably symmetricized the many cardinal points and the "above"
Jewish coins and clay jars from the 5th century BCE are also provided with pentagrams.
In ancient times, this symbol was used by Pythagoras, as its line geometry corresponds to the golden ratio and represents harmony and perfection.
The pentagram in the Western Western Mysteries. The pentagram is after Heinrich Cornelius Agrippe von Nettesheim Buch. "De occulta Philosphia" is a symbol of the microcosm, i.e. the small world.
This refers to the human being. According to the occult view, man is an image of the macrocosm, of the great world, i.e. of the universe. And was created in the image of God, which is expressed in the Bible passage from Genesis 1:26-27: Man was created in the image of God.
In the Mysteries, the pentagram symbolizes the dominion of the spirit over matter, which is why it is a symbol of the magician or magic.

Hansruedi, short HR, Giger was born on February 5, 1940 in Chur. From 1962 he studied architecture and industrial design at the University of Applied Arts in Zurich. The Swiss artist became known worldwide with his "Alien" designs for the eponymous film by Ridley Scott. In 1980 he got the Oscar for visual effects.

In the film sector, he succeeded in addition to the "alien" trilogy about also with his character to "species". Record covers by Giger have been awarded several times, including those for Debbie Harry ("Koo Koo") and Emerson, Lake and Palmer ("Brain Salad Surgery").

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